Managing Stress

For the passionate workaholics, here is a little info about managing your stress. In my field at times I have to take a step back and just take a break. Even though mental health counselors report high levels of accomplishment (very rewarding career) several studies have demonstrated that 21% to 67% of mental health workers experience high levels of burnout, some have emotional exhaustion and high depersonalization rates. I am super big on working towards maintaining a balance in order to be successful in all areas of your life. Yes, sometimes I get caught up in the routine but this is a working progress ;) below are some tips that can help you identify areas that you may need to evaluate in orders to find your perfect balance.


1. Manage workload- Learn how to delegate, prioritize, and be satisfied when you know you have done your best.

2. Balance lifestyle- Very simple!! Exercise, eat well, take time for yourself and the things that you like to do. Your needs are important too.  (if you have money and time travel a little :)

3. Maintain contact and connection with primary social supports. We all know what this means, stay close to those who love your and provide a positive environment for you.

4. Practice self-awareness. Pay attention to the present and don't judge your thoughts or feelings... just analyze why they are there and live the moment as a learning experience of yourself.

And with this I will leave you to enjoy the rest of your week!!